What lovely people the Israelis are. NOT!

OK, some the Israelis but in this modern enlightened world should this behaviour be happening?

Source: Meet The Man Exposing What The American Media Won’t Tell You About Israel

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Anderson condemns EU austerity and militarisation agendas

Anderson condemns EU austerity and militarisation agendas.

Speaking in a key debate in the EU Parliament today in preparation for the European Council (Heads of Government) meeting which will take place on the 19/20 December, Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson voiced strong opposition to any move towards increased military spending by the European Union while also sharply criticising the Troika’s austerity programmes.

The biggest military threat to our world is the United States, a country that spends an absurd proportion of its debt on military projects to keep the military/industrial complex going. Europe does NOT need to compete in this warmongering.

Quite why the Americans cannot understand that it is this military presence, and not their supposed freedoms, that makes them reviled around the world is beyond me. Europe would be well advised not to climb into bed with them.

The Troika, as I have said many times on this blog, are without question not only the most damaging influence on the economies of Europe, but it is also blatantly obvious that they have little of no understanding of economics. You cannot add sever tax burdens and expect an economy to boom.

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Critical Utilities Bill is anti-worker and anti-union – Cullinane

Critical Utilities Bill is anti-worker and anti-union – Cullinane.

Whilst I am not a great supported of strike action in the area of critical utilities, to make it a criminal act is just plain wrong.

Whilst posting this I would also mention the ALL infrastructure and critical utilities should be under the control of the nation and NOT sold off to foreign investors. This includes water, electricity, gas and oil, roads and railways, airports and ports.

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ECB gags State on IBRC liquidation

A senior official in the Department of Finance told the Irish Examiner they were under strict instructions from the ECB not to release any details to the public.

“What they [ECB] have said from an early stage is that if there is any release, at all, then all negotiations are off. They do not want to discuss this in any forum, other than that of a member state and the ECB council,” he said.

The department has received about 16 freedom of information requests in relation to the IBRC liquidation and is now considering adopting a policy position that would allow it to refuse all applications for the release of information.

Sinn Féin finance spokesman Pearse Doherty said the decision to liquidate IBRC was one of the biggest ever made by the State and he was concerned certain firms may have used insider information to secure payments.

And in addition the Fed in the US is now making the same noises. The bankers/governments of the world are after our money.

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Farage Unleashed: “You Are Common Criminals”

Sourced from Zerohedge

Full transcript

Years ago, Mrs Thatcher recognised the truth behind the European Project. She saw that it was about taking away democracy from nation states and handing that power to largely unaccountable people.

Knowing as she did that the euro would not work she saw that this was a very dangerous design. Now we in UKIP take that same view and I tried over the years in this parliament to predict what the next moves would be as the euro disaster unfolded.

But not even me, in my most pessimistic of speeches would have imagined, Mr Rehn, that you and others in the Troika would resort to the level of common criminals and steal money from peoples’ bank accounts in order to keep propped up this total failure that is the euro.

You even tried to take money away from the small investors in direct breach of the promise you made back in 2008.

Well the precedent has been set, and if we look at countries like Spain where business bankruptcies are up 45% year on year, we can see what your plan is to deal with the other bailouts as they come.

I must say, the message this sends out to investors is very loud and clear: Get your money out of the Eurozone before they come for you.

What you have done in Cyprus is you actually sounded the death knell of the euro. Nobody in the international community will have confidence in leaving their money there.

And how ironic to see the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev compare your actions and say, ‘ I can only compare it to some of the decisions taken by the Soviet authorities.’

And then we have a new German proposal that says that actually what we ought to do is confiscate some of the value of peoples’ properties in the southern Mediterranean eurozone states.

This European Union is the new communism. It is power without limits. It is creating a tide of human misery and the sooner it is swept away the better.

But what of this place, what of the parliament? This parliament has the ability to hold the Commission to account. I have put down a motion of censure debate on the table. I wonder whether any of you have the courage to recognise it and to support it. I very much doubt that.

And I am minded that there is a new Mrs Thatcher in Europe and he is called Frits Bolkenstein. And he has said of this parliament – remember he is a former Commissioner: ‘It is not representative anymore for the Dutch or European citizen. The European Parliament is living out a federal fantasy which is no longer sustainable.’

How right he is.

Gotta love this comment on the YouTube page of the video

by cybermerc2

I love this guy. We need to clone him multiple times and elect him to every possible position in the government we can.

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Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead


Yip Harburg, lyricist of “The Wizard of Oz” film, would have been amused that “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” rose to the top of the charts when Margaret Thatcher died. W. S. Gilbert and George Bernard Shaw taught Yip Harburg, democratic socialist, sworn challenger of all tyranny against the people, that “humor is an act of courage” and dissent.
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New Study Suggests Disturbing Link Between Fracking and Large Earthquakes

by Kevin Samson
Activist Post

There has been an ongoing battle between researchers and the natural gas and oil industries over whether or not hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is definitively leading to an increase in earthquake activity.

Since September of 2010, nearly 1,000 earthquakes have rattled Arkansas and the area around the New Madrid Fault Line. Previous to this, Arkansas had a total of 38 quakes in 2009. Yet two cities, Greenbrier and Guy had a swarm of 30 small earthquakes in a four-day period in early 2011, which paralleled fracking activity in the same area.

This uptick was echoed next-door in Oklahoma, where during roughly the same period, the state saw an increase in earthquakes from 50 per year to over 1,000 in 2010. The accumulating present-day data is also mirrored by earlier government research, as you will see below.

Now, a study has appeared from The Geology Society of America, which investigated the largest of the quakes that rattled Oklahoma and 17 other states in November of 2011. While supporting the research of others in establishing a causal link between fracking and earthquakes, they appear to have found another even more troubling aspect to the data.

Read more at the source: Activist Post

I found this comment particularly interesting

brad said…

The “perfect” fracking fluid would be incompressible so that all pump pressure would be transmitted to the rock. Water is incompressible. The ideal fracking fluid would NOT be toxic to the water supply, and cheap. Both aspects are qualities that water has.

So why would someone use a toxic, expensive chemical? To destroy the water system. Then you have to buy water EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

GW Bush and a group own the water rights to the largest aquifer in South America, the pumping locations, AND the port facility contracts/control to ship ocean tankers of water. They just need a market.

As they kill the water systems in America, they are making their market.

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